Announcing the first annual
John Harper Memorial Race

– a fatass event with no support.


Date: Saturday, 25feb12 (overflow runners on 4mar12)
Distance: 50k (or marathon)
Course: trail around Killen’s Pond
Start Time: 0800 (or earlier)
Take US 13 about 6 miles south of Dover, Delaware and take a left at killen’s pond road.
Turn into the park and proceed to picnic area at end of parking lot.
Take trail to pond loop and proceed counterclockwise around pond.

Farghost 8 hour and 24 hour runs

Date:  Farghost Future: Fri,18may12; Farghost Past: Sun, 20may12
Distance: 24 hour or 8 hour run on both days

Start Time:  7:00 am (email if you need an early or late start due to flight issues).  The friday run must be completed by 7:00 am saturday and the sunday run may not start before 7:00 PM saturday)

Where:  Fargo, ND

Signup: please include which ghost (or both), which time(s), your email address and estimated start time(s) and place(s). 

Start/finish: four options: 1) Fargodome; 2)ball park parking lot at 12th ave. north and river; 3) past 12th ave. north toll booth on minnesota side of river (accomodates those wanting a minnesota run); parking lots off roger maris drive (remember, the parks all close at sunset so don't get caught).  
Results: results will be published.  please email your stats to the above address.  
fargodome to bike path: fargodome to 17th ave. north, south on broadway, east on 15th ave. north to bike path 
bike path along the red river: north end of path is at 16th ave. north and elm st. - northeast corner of za-gat golf course.  south end is at rest room building (with water fountain) 250' south of roger maris drive just before lindenwood campground.  at about 1.4 miles south of the north end of the bike path it joins north river road at about 8th ave. north.  proceed south on north river road to north terrace ave.  go left (east) on north terrace ave. to short st.  go right (south) on short st. to south terrace north.  go left (west) on south terrace north for about half a block to pick up the bike path again.  these streets have little traffic and are marked "bike route" so there should be no problem picking up the path again.  proceed south on path until about 17th ave. south where a transition to roger maris drive can be made.

fargodome to bike path: 1.5 miles;
bike path: 6.3 miles;
north end of bike path to: 12th ave. north - 1 mile,
                                                                 9th ave. north - 1.3 miles,
 short st. and south terrace north - 1.6 miles
 main ave. - 2.7 miles
 bike path and 17th ave. south ( lindwood campground info center) - 5 miles
 rest room building - 6.3 miles
these distances may be used to estimate total distance traveled.

Detours: there is a small but finite chance that low portions of the course will still be flooded causing run arounds.  the three most likely spots are just south of za-gat golf course where the adjacent road leading into the park may be used.  just into the park head back to the course via the parking lot.  the second interval is the underpass at 12th ave. north where staying on the bank and going through the north and south parking lots will bypass the low spot.  the third low interval is underneath the four downtown bridges from 1st ave. north to main street.  just go on the streets till past main street.

remember that the red carries a lot of mud along with it; so it might be dicey going through puddles and through standing water is like russian roulette.  finding a workaround is highly recommended.